Month: May 2017

Steam train no go’s.

Harper nudges me with her elbow, pretending that I am not constantly aware of her presence at all times. She sighs belatedly, sliding down her chair till her head’s about the height of the ignition.

“We were supposed to go on a steam train journey on Saturday.”

Ah yes, she mentioned that. In fact, I believe she mentioned it to everyone at her work and now she’s afraid that she has no adventurous story to tell any longer. 

“Sure, we had stuffed crust pizza and I binged and slept like a mama without her newborn.” She makes a noise at the back of her throat that resembles a choking dog. “But a steam train. That was supposed to be my grand weekend adventure! Doesn’t matter if, by the end of it, I’m an icicle.”

When Harper’s exchange friend visited from the U.S. last July, she was keen on making certain she made the most of what her wonder-home had to offer. One of them was said steam train adventure, mostly for young children, but they were all unabashedly children at heart, anyway. And so they went for a little trip to Belgrave, blasting Frank Ocean tunes and admiring the gables and rusty greens. 

They reminisced about that time they watched “Something Rotten” in Broadway, recalling the annoying couple who watched themselves more intently than the wonderful display of art and music before them. They all agreed: #WhatAWaste

And upon arrival at the end station, they grabbed hot cocoa and took pictures of pretty birds, not minding their vanity at all. Harper recalls how much her friend hated birds (a flamboyant flamingo said cause) but she stood courageous enough to snap some shots. For her dad, apparently, whom she expressly missed so.

“Perhaps we can go next time,” I tell her, strapping her seat belt on. 

“They’ll probably go this Saturday and I won’t be able to come.” They, meaning her family. “I specifically made sure that it was last Saturday. Specifically. I even declined a surprise birthday party.”

I offered to buy her fast food to sate her and she simply shakes her head. Then her eyes light up like someone turned on the switch too early, blinding everyone in the room.

“Let’s go and watch a musical!”

And that’s another story to tell…


Get me that horizon.

My creative comrade is currently traversing the steppes of the United States of America. Following the trail I left, and blazing his own footstamps.

We had a small conversation this morning whilst I wasted away in bed, suffering, perhaps in normal guilt over my first use of a sick leave. He said he had lots of GOSS for me. And by goss, he means adventure stories. A portraiture of the empty fields of green, the towering mountains as they pedalled across destinations and states, the variety of winter/autumn/going to summer jackets and pantaloons. I follow him in a basic, alternative way, my viewing window the size of a smart phone. Apple or banana.

We chatted cordially infused with superlatives and exclamation points. Of course I felt thrilled for him, exhilarated for his journey that I dragged him to go along to after my own. And we came upon a pow-wow about his return – his seeking my aid upon his return back home and the back and forth’s we will bestow upon our favourite media-sphere and its various universes. We both want to eventually return to that land and seek out a glorious way to serve.

He plans for five years, I plan for four. Working professionally for the experience and the earnings whilst I continue to expand my creative horizons side by side. Scripts in progress, producing and directing roles for the weekends to come, a novella creeping in…



Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream,
Over the mountain gullies,
And tempest, storms, squalls.






Harper celebrated Mother’s Day by crowning gifts of glory to her birth giver. It was L’Oreal worth it.

Harper also missed reviewing the last two episodes of her current drama show and when she tried to hide this blunder by doing a double-review, her editor says that she has to do two separate ones. Unfortunately, at this moment, she is now currently behind three episodes. She asks for someone to spare her.

After downloading a collage application on her phone, Harper proceeds to create fun and tease for her said birth giver by trademarking her famous “smile”. 30+ likes so far, she most certainly feels like a celebrity.

Harper is also awaiting a recipe from her coworker that she hopes to surprise an incredibly special person: herself.

Harper has locked in a date to visit and ride an old steam train in the North-East from her abode and is very excited to ride with the wind and exert no energy. Calm is peace.

And to conclude,

Harper would also like to apologise that she has been absent upon these pages. She has forgotten the importance of her promise to herself (to record and journal), but she has exciting plans of polishing up a traditional parfait that she hopes to virtually share with you all.