Snooze you lose.

I have to admit, I am absolutely, ridiculously, no doubt no doubt, enjoying my first #ever full time job in the Marketing-sphere. Sure, the hours are traditional (read: bye bye sleep-ins), and the novels are insofar neglected. However, I think it’s just my body screaming ADJUST! ADJUST! and I’ll soon fall into the habit of balancing my banana brekky whilst driving, and entertaining my creative desperations against my sleepy eyes.

The main benefits? A complete reduction from the toxicity of social media. I used to spend hours, bored, scrolling and deepening my knowledge of the useless that sometimes I find myself emotionally challenged by the constant battle to be better than the rest. Even if it’s unconsciously done. Now, I’m rocking up at 8.17am after an eight-hour snooze and no-avo smash and I tirelessly go through the invoices and the creative photographies, and find myself relaxing during the weekend with long shoots.

Filmmaking’s long hours is soothing. The sore feet’s like nah. Especially when a film I produced with a good friend of mine is going to have its first BIG SCREEN DEBUT at a Short Film Festival here in my crib.

Crazy? Unbelievably.


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