I adore fiction (exclamation point)


Let’s be less melancholic and more gung-ho for show, shall we! ‘Coz don’t we all love shows…and books!

There is a current website overhaul of my previous University’s in-house Reviews website. Given that I am currently in a binge of show-watchin’ and book-readin’s, I thought it opportunistic to extend my writing abilities to that of a reviewer. Unfortunately, because of said overhaul, the accounts I have registered in could not pass through the identity blockade and alas, has left me with much writings and no postings. Bummer.

In the meantime, I circumnavigated the dark yet illuminating, the handsome and the intoxicating, and the romantic and the heart-wrenching worlds of magical creatures that are both impressive and somewhat oppressive. Let’s talk dagger-wielding assassins-turned-Queens, impossibly beautiful witches that actually have hearts (literally and figuratively), and the authority of a writer to slam their words on a keyboard and produce well, names. Mor tea?

As I was circumnavigating said worlds, angered by the included map that is missing half of said worlds trudged on by our heroines and heroes and anti’s, I thought about the convenience of world-building to a story and how I seriously, ridiculously adore the mythology behind these fictional worlds and settings.
Don’t you?

I usually pick my books based on my preference to be taken out of reality. That’s mostly why I’m not necessarily in the non-fiction department unless for research and learning purposes. And it’s not because I do not want to know more about this said person’s biography or anything, I’m sure it’s inspiring and all that jazz, but I want to be taken away from the bite of reality. I want to be immersed in a world of wonder and mischief and character you only ever wish to be real.

What are your usual loves and genres? Are you like moi? A historical-fantasy-mythology fiction kind of gal or are you more into biographies and non-fiction and prank books for dummies?



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