Month: March 2017

How Does a Moment Last Forever?

I thought (still do) Beauty and the Beast far exceeded expectations. The experience on IMAX 3D – a first for me in my hometown – is similar to a freshly baked and buttered bread, popped in your mouth, and the flavour envelops your pronunciation that you fail to babble in glee for you are occupied by full smiles, a width of the entire screen; your eyes remain fixed upon the dancers and the singers, the pirouettes, the gestures, the glances. Subtle they may be.

And as the dust and snow, and oft rose petals linger by your periphery or a wolf ready to pounce right at the front of you, you are engaged and in motion, your heart beating wildly, wishing, wishing, wishing, let this film never end, let it go on my entire lifetime, just before a song begins, one you’ve never heard of, and you feel so content, satisfied, that your wishing of it neverending seems almost a disservice to the reverent conclusion it approaches towards.

It’s a visual magic that alters reality. It whispers, in debonaire delight, that,

“Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone.
But when all else has been forgotten,
still our song lives on..”

And its an evocation of every magical romance. Of why childhoods exist and dreamers continue dreaming. It’s the little ones and those young at heart, who find the beauty in every beast. And hope lingers, burns, deep in the recesses, and blooms in hours such as now.

If I ever wanted to become part of this world, of the storytelling, the music, the medley of it all…then Beauty and the Beast made it all the more for coming.


The new Office.

When I received a call from R.A. for a potential full-time role that I may be interested in, I was quick to exclaim my affirmative. Coming from a background of Media and Communications, I thought this new line of job (Marketing) will be a new challenge for someone whose experience is predominantly in Media production and writing and yada yada. But it was a 9 a.m. call of something positive, something new, and something I was completely surprised to even be considered for. And whose to say nuh-uh?

I splashed yoghurt in my eyes.

It was a fast turnaround between that fateful call and the first of two interviews. From multiple e-mail conversations and phone consultations from the most positive, uplifting and incredibly knowledgeable job consultant one could ever ask for, it has been a ride quite joyously challenged and accepted.

Have you met a potential employer who constantly encourages you with their smiles? Have you ever sat down in an interview where all they want to know is about you, but not in a professional and conscientious kind of way, but in a diverting, stimulatingly discursive, in a spectrum between fitting in, and authenticity? Because all they were looking for, in the end, was authenticity. How you, perhaps, may enrich them in the workplace and vice versa.

I’ve watched The Office and have seen the rapport of that bunch of wildflowers. They’re a family basket and bundle of weirdness and topical conversations. And do they work? The only branch that’s ever been successful in their endeavours, no matter the side-tracked party planning and office gossip. Not that that may happen but one can only enjoy the comparisons. (And discounting its fictionality).

Recent graduates often wallow in self-pity come six months in. They trudge a slop of “welcome to unemployment” and find themselves battling their own insecurities about who they are and where they want to be. It’s not final and generalising, but it fits in the spectrum nonetheless. Some of my friends have plans to take a break from extending their academic qualifications by going overseas or bungie jumping. One can equal you losing your life, the other to lose your pockets. And it’s a process. And I love the stories of each individual.

Well, my story begins with this new undertaking. A sojourn of sorts, in the corporate world of communications and word-building, of promoting and trading, and the story for the dinner dates with preserved high school friends and the honesty and candidness of its lasting stretch. I will fill you in, of course.

For now, I have clothes to shop. Because man,

I gotta look good.

I adore fiction (exclamation point)


Let’s be less melancholic and more gung-ho for show, shall we! ‘Coz don’t we all love shows…and books!

There is a current website overhaul of my previous University’s in-house Reviews website. Given that I am currently in a binge of show-watchin’ and book-readin’s, I thought it opportunistic to extend my writing abilities to that of a reviewer. Unfortunately, because of said overhaul, the accounts I have registered in could not pass through the identity blockade and alas, has left me with much writings and no postings. Bummer.

In the meantime, I circumnavigated the dark yet illuminating, the handsome and the intoxicating, and the romantic and the heart-wrenching worlds of magical creatures that are both impressive and somewhat oppressive. Let’s talk dagger-wielding assassins-turned-Queens, impossibly beautiful witches that actually have hearts (literally and figuratively), and the authority of a writer to slam their words on a keyboard and produce well, names. Mor tea?

As I was circumnavigating said worlds, angered by the included map that is missing half of said worlds trudged on by our heroines and heroes and anti’s, I thought about the convenience of world-building to a story and how I seriously, ridiculously adore the mythology behind these fictional worlds and settings.
Don’t you?

I usually pick my books based on my preference to be taken out of reality. That’s mostly why I’m not necessarily in the non-fiction department unless for research and learning purposes. And it’s not because I do not want to know more about this said person’s biography or anything, I’m sure it’s inspiring and all that jazz, but I want to be taken away from the bite of reality. I want to be immersed in a world of wonder and mischief and character you only ever wish to be real.

What are your usual loves and genres? Are you like moi? A historical-fantasy-mythology fiction kind of gal or are you more into biographies and non-fiction and prank books for dummies?