origin: greek

My favourite album of 2 0 1 6 was Bon Iver’s 22, a Million –

Oh, the old modus: out to be leading live

Said, comes the old ponens, demit to strive

A word about Gnosis: it ain't gonna buy the groceries

Or middle-out locusts, or weigh to find

It haunts me, it haunts me, it haunted me, I let it in.

The Dante’s of the music spire, atop the tier, legends of the echelon, Bon Iver. They are modern balladeers with extraordinary, time-bending powers that allows us plebeians to appreciate the baroque in an art form gushing from streaming vocalisations and untold mythics of a poet gone mad.

The courts of old bustling, silent near stillness, as the echoes of the lyricists bounces at a trajectory of a worn path walked personally.

You are surrounded.

You are overrun.


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