Darryl H. and John O. presents

I promised to present myself to you all so here I am…vaguely.

  1. Harper F.M. should not be referred to by its acronym (HFM) because it sounds too close to H&M and I don’t want to be mistaken for a sweater.
  2. I like a dose of pop culture, sure, so I’ll throw in a couple of seemingly millennial jargon here and there but to be honest, if you’re enjoying life, getting them you should.
  3. Title of post.
  4. North-East North America is an understated verdant masterpiece and I firmly believe that Albuquerque should be a birth stone.
  5. I want to be the Holy Trinity in the Film & TV industry.
  6. I-

There is so much to be said and done and I’m trying to visualise the best way to convey the statistics of an anonymous me. Therefore, I want to begin by stating that every good person deserves a comma. A comma – for every good person – can be a breather to the meteoric pace of life. A comma – for every good person – can be the separation of every negative, positive, and passive items on life’s list. A comma – for every good person – can also represent a new-year-new-you kind of do because you, my friend, if you so will it, can be a widespread butterfly of the Nymphalidae. A mythological god or goddess on this battered earth.

And you don’t even have to be a good person. Like Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader, you have good inside you. You just need your only son to believe in you through a fierce fight of the will (edit: colourful swords).

In essence, however, I am not a repository of philosophy and the vogue. I am an explorer of worlds manufactured by the ingenious that is humanity. Hey, that’s you! You ingenious, you. I adore Film and Television and meant what I said with item number 5 (above) and perhaps Harper F.M. will be more of a journalling to my endeavours to achieve this great dream-calling or maybe ’cause I just want to see Meryl Streep play Batman before I fade into inexistence. Whichever comes first.

But visualise this:

A cold city, very hot during Christmas. A child born far away placed geographically beyond her progenitors’ dreams. A cook, at best, and a tireless friend. Books are her paramours, music softens her soul. She has a dream, a B-Obama dream.

So seriously, y’all, bear with me.


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