In respect to the wishes of my former self, I have diluted my wardrobe into functioning exhibits:

A. The Reds – before, I would look at this streak as something symbolic to everything I missed out on during a thunderous 2 0 1 6. It includes an amount of alcohol I do not regret not drinking coz I am an A+ gal; travelling to New Zealand that should have, could have but will; and choices I made that I agonise over but also feel strengthened from. Red is for blood spilt, blood made.

B. The Navy – I categorise things like finishing novels, vacuuming my room, spontaneously mopping the floor for mum, and using red ink for headings and black/blue for the accompanying paragraphs in this one. I say it’s more “meh” but everyone else thinks it’s extraordinarily good. Meh…

C. The Coats – I appreciated culture and the arts much more last year than I ever did in the past. I wrapped myself all snug in spontaneous trips to the theatre in howling, fierce weather, I bossed people around (creatively), and I almost fell in a river. This one’s my favourite.

D. The off-shoulders – I look at this and see 2 0 1 7. It’s a trip to space, to castles with Beasts, to attend 4 WEDDINGS of friends same age as moi (*noises*), and an elaborate plan to surprise my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary. Which –

involves me searching for a full-time job that alludes to my interest and passion and expenses. Oh, adventurous beauty.

Till next time ! – when I talk about who am I, where I come from and what I mean by “passion”. Ugh, such an overused word.


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